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Here at All County Cleaning Services we provide daily office cleaning to meet our clients’ needs, including janitorial cleaning services. 

Contracting a day-time janitor is a useful way to support the morning or evening cleaners in busy offices. Your janitor is on-hand to keep important areas – such as kitchens, meeting rooms and reception areas – clean throughout the day, and to deal with any emergencies or needs that arise. 

A janitor can work as many or as few hours as you need. Some of our clients have janitors for two hours a day, usually at the beginning of the day or over lunch, and others for as many as eight hours.

Typically their responsibilities include checking and replenishing supplies items such as stationery, soap, toilet paper, tea and coffee; keeping restrooms clean and fresh; setting up meeting rooms and front of house support.

Keeping the office clean at all times enables your staff to do their best work, and demonstrates a professional image to visitors and potential customers.

We have three simple goals:
To deliver cleaning services of the highest quality with integrity, reliability and value
To consistently meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients
To adhere to and exceed all statutory, self-regulatory and environmental requirements

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