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Your staff, customers, and other visitors use your washrooms every day, so it’s essential to keep them clean and fresh. Our restroom cleaning service will keep your toilets clean and prevent any bacteria build-up, reducing the risk of germs and odours.

We will sanitise your restroom floors, walls, all surfaces, and clean mirrors and fixtures such as hand dryers. If you have shower facilities, we will keep these spotless too.

We can also supply a full range of washroom consumables – from: Soap, Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels to Garbage Bags and Air Fresheners.

We supply products from leading manufacturers many of them with free on-loan dispensers. Products include feminine hygiene disposal units, vending systems, restroom sanitzers, and air fresheners. Our fully trained, professional staff will deliver restroom services with minimum disruption to your business. Contact our partner Clean Supply Depot At: (800) 916-6232

Our Experience
We have years of experience
providing professional solutions in the facilities management industry.
Our Commercial Clients
From a diverse range of business sectors across Miami Dade, Broward & Palm Beach including healthcare, education, commerce and hospitality.
Our Partnership
To provide tailor-made commercial cleaning services for each of our clients, in a professional, quality-driven fashion.

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