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Day Cleaning Services

Sanitizing Surfaces
All County Cleaning Services offers a full range of day cleaning services as an alternative to more traditional nighttime janitorial work. For many businesses, day cleaning services offer a range of distinct benefits. Day cleaning services are fast and affordable for smaller businesses and properties. There are so many excellent reasons why this type of program is right for your budget and needs. For example, with day cleaning services, businesses can:

Special services include

  • Reduce energy costs by eliminating the need for excessive nighttime lighting

  • Avoid the costs of a daytime porter

  • Simplify security and avoid the need for after-hours passes or codes

  • Minimize tenant complaints and suspicion of nighttime janitorial staff

  • Sustain a clean environment throughout the day

  • Facilitate direct communication among tenants and cleaners to ensure swift responses to requests and compliance with precise requirements

When you select day cleaning services, we will provide the same comprehensive service and attention to deal as we do at night while ensuring that the cleaning crew does not disturb employees, customers and other visitors. We will work with you to define your expectations and determine the optimum hours of operation.

" Your Partner In Managed Facility Care "

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